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Maxayn Lewis The Woman, The Voice, The Musician, The Composer, a singular Force of Nature. 

Born in Tulsa Oklahoma, she burst upon the music world when Ike and Tina Turner literally plucked Paulette Parker from her parent's home to tour the an Ikette.

Her amazing career has seen her in demand for recording sessions and on multiple hits like; "New Attitude" by Patti Labelle.​​

Movies - She is the singing voice of Ma Rainey to Viola Davis' portrayal of the Blues pioneer that garnered several Oscar nominations. To quote score composer Branford Marsalis, "Maxayn grew up in a time when the Blues was in all American music be it Jazz, R&B, Rock & Roll, or Gospel. I had faith that she would be able to create a sound to represent the emotional meaning of the lyrics, a sound of the past and the present, authentic and relatable." ​

It was not lost on Branford and the Director George C. Wolfe that Maxayn had toured as a featured vocalist with Bobby "Blue" Bland.

Her life is like a superhero movie, from those early days with The Ike and Tina Turner Review (Tina Turner referred to Maxayn as 'Britannica' because Tina thought of her as so brilliant) all the way through today. 

MAXAYN, the group that she formed with Andre Lewis, Marlo Henderson, and Emry Thomas did 'high concept, socially conscious funk rock as she wrote, played piano and SANG the leads on 3 albums; MAXAYN, Mindful and Bail Out For Fun!' These albums were of legend, attracting the likes of Sly And The Family Stone, Stevie Wonder and The Gap Band to their live appearances...the influence on Sly manifested on his albums.

As if her decades long career as an Artist working with;

Aretha, Patti Labelle, Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Stephen Stills, John Fogerty, The Doobie Brothers, Steve Marriott, The Gap Band, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, and Smokey Robinson, was not enough, Maxayn Lewis is passing on her vast experience to younger Artists, in fact, to ALL Artists, vocally coaching them for their albums and live appearances to reach their full potential, as the 'Vocal Architect', with her unique Max-Vox Factor/Vocal Architect method. 

Maxayn Lewis is in full orbit! 

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